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Elderly Transportation services

Elderly Transportation services

Did you or your loved ones have trouble with sight, delayed reaction time, or confusion leading to the inability to operate a vehicle?

Are you tired of those new dings and dents on your aging parent’s car that leave you wondering if your parents should hang up the keys?

Are you tired of your loved ones traffic violations, parking tickets, accidents, getting lost, losing keys, or running out of gas?

Getting from one destination point to the other can be difficult for the elderly, even after a procedure

Our screened, trained, and insured caregivers can transport you in their vehicle or your own vehicle (conditions apply) conditions met. A professional caregiver will bring you safely to your appointments and help you transition around when you get there, safely drive you home, make you comfortable, get you settled back at your home, and stay with you for as long as needed.

  • Getting to and from appointments, including doctor appointments and follow-up visits
  • Visits with friends, relatives, social and religious functions Entertainment events
  • Prescription pick-up
  • Grocery shopping
  • Hair and nail appointments
  • Theatre, concerts, and sporting events
  • Parks and other recreation areas to walk

Please note: our transportation services are only available in conjunction with additional companion and/or personal care services. If you require senior transportation services alone, without the need for additional care services reach out to us, and we can recommend a local company that provides transportation services only.

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